These are just some of my furry clients to receive a Communication/Reiki session. Animals living in the wild have been omitted from this list, however do include the following species;

Gorilla, Whale, Dolphin, Seal, Tiger, Chimpanzee, Wolf, mouse, Crow, Eagle, Elephant, Lion.

Please note that to receive a Communication/Reiki Healing session for your pet, you can be anywhere in the world, time and space plays no part.

Love and light, Sam xo


NoaH, South Africa
Cougar, Victoria, Australia
Kiara, Netherlands
Skippy, Victoria, Australia


Athena, South Africa
Guinness, South Africa
Matteo, South Africa
Mbali, South Africa


Arnie, Victoria, Australia
Buster, Victoria, Australia
Douglas, Tasmania, Australia
Maggie, Victoria, Australia
Mia, Perth, Western Australia
Stellar, Victoria, Australia
Moomba (Moonlight) Tasmania, Australia
Omar, South Africa
Buddy, New Zealand
Gimii, New Zealand
Cleo, New Zealand
Sadie, USA
Amelia, Western Australia
George, Western Australia
Gus, Western Australia
Purrs AKA Ron Cat, Victoria, Australia


Muppet, New Zealand
Puma, Victoria, Australia
Nelson, Victoria, Australia
Addie, Victoria, Australia