CHEETAH Mzuri (beautiful) bag


Multi Purpose Bag



MZURI Collection was born on the couch in early 2016 as I recovered from Cerebral Malaria. Determined to keep my brain active as I recovered, a complete new series was created.
After quite a journey, it was great to finally see these ideas come to fruition.

So I welcome you to my MZURI Collection which means ‘beautiful’ in Swahili, as this is not only used for makeup, but showcases beautiful African fabrics; made to be seen!
Each bag, big enough for your ipad mini or money, keys, makeup, camera accessories, passport and travel documents, or used as a pencil case, measures approximately 250mm x 160mm. Adorned with traditional African fabrics sourced on my many journeys throughout Africa which directly supports the locals that make them. They also have a small charm attached, with either Africa or Inspirational words.

Mzuri, a multipurpose bag is a treasure to own or give as a ‘beautiful’ gift.

If you prefer a certain coloured fabric on the outside, please choose your colour from the sample image and notify me on checkout. 🙂

Fabric colours from left to right; purple, blue, red, orange/blue, pink/lime, orange, green/pink, yellow, pink.


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