Hi, my name is ‘Gutungura’. I am a baby Mountain Gorilla


'Gutungura', Baby Mountain Gorilla, Rwanda, East Africa

“Hi, my name is ‘GUTUNGURA’. I am a baby Mountain Gorilla. I live with my family called ‘GROUP 13’ in the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. I am a bit of a ratbag, and like to play games in the jungle with my brothers and sisters. My Dad looks after us; his name is ‘AGASHYA’. He is very protective of all of us, including our Mum’s, but sometimes he needs some help in keeping us safe. By purchasing my portrait, you can help Agashya to help us. Some money from my photo will go direct to the International Gorilla Conservation Programme, so that my children can play games in the jungle, and your children can watch them. “

Thankyou for helping save us from extinction.

Rwanda, also known as the ‘Land of a Thousand Hills’, with its stunning landscape scenery and friendly people, is home to a third of the endangered mountain gorillas. These rare and gentle primates, who share 95% of our genes, live in the Parc National des Volcans. Lying in the Virunga Conservation area where Dianne Fossey dedicated her life studying the behaviour of mountain gorillas.

Unlike humans whose total population is estimated to be in the billions, there are only 720 mountain gorillas remaining in the Montane forests of Rwanda, Uganda and Congo. Therefore gorilla conservation is mandatory to their survival, and Rwanda is at the forefront of gorilla conservation.

Parc National des Volcans is one of the 3 National Parks where tracking of the endangered mountain gorillas can be carried out.

There are currently five gorilla families open for tracking to tourists in Rwanda. These are; Amahoro, Susa, Group 13, Sabyinyo and Umubano. Other groups are for study purposes.

The ‘International Gorilla Conservation Programme (I.G.C.P) is a unique partnership, formed in 1991, comprising of three coalition partners, the  W.W.F (World Wildlife Fund), A.W.F. (African Wildlife Fund), and the F.F.I (Fauna and Flora International – Vice President is Sir David Attenborough). It’s objective is to achieve maximum impact to save the mountain gorillas from extinction through working in close partnership with all three countries, using sophisticated monitoring techniques, socio-economic development and conservation, and working closely with key decision makers.

How can you help; by either purchasing a gorilla print, where a percentage of money will go directly into the I.G.C.P, making a donation through their website at; www.IGCP.org, or going on one of your own amazing experiences of a life time, gorilla trekking…

“Look into the eyes of a mountain gorilla, and you will see your own soul…”

Sam Clark

NB; As a child, I always dreamed of seeing the mountain gorillas, and was concerned that by the time I was old enough, I might be too late. Now that I have recently succeeded in fulfilling one of my life long dreams, I hope that my children and their children have the opportunity to have the same humbling experience as what I had. It is up to us to preserve these amazing gorillas for the generations to come, not only of the human race, but also of the mountain gorillas.

Visited Mountain Gorillas on 7th October 2009

'The Thinker', Mountain Gorilla, Rwanda, East Africa

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