Stirling Range National Park

Something a bit different … landscapes!

These two images taken at different times of the year are both stitched panoramas using my Canon 5DMk2 camera, 24-105mm lens and my Nodal Ninja panoramic head.


Copyright: Sam Clark Photography
Bluff Knoll 2, Stirling Ranges, Western Australia
Copyright: Sam Clark Photography
Bluff Knoll, Stirling Ranges, Western Australia

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  1. Michelle

    Sam these are breathtaking…you have surely captured the beauty of this area. Im not sure what a stitched panorama is but you certainly have these photos all stitched up. smiles Michelle

  2. davidsobik

    Hi Sam its me! Have not been to blog land for a while… nice couple here for sure. one day you must check out my big one, of the Stirlings, hanging in my dining room.

  3. samclarkphotography

    Hey D…thanks for your comments 🙂
    Would love to see your print, the Stirlings is definitely a magical and spiritual place…one of my favs.

  4. Uganda safaris gorilla

    This picture is really good and also the picture is very clear and the way you capture and demonstrated the picture is amazing. The natural beauty of the picture is very amazing and also nice to see the natural beauty.

  5. Uganda safari gorilla

    The way you capture the photo is really very nice and also the nice to see the natural beauty of the western Australia. This picture is very clear and the way you describe the beauty of the national park is really very amazing.

    • samclarkphotography

      Thank you so much for your comments and compliments. Western Australia has some magical places, especially the Stirling Ranges.
      I have been to East Africa, but am yet to venture to Uganda.

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