ARTography Bloomin’ Orange Gerbera Flower

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This image has been ‘created’ using multiple images and layering techniques in Photoshop. I have done a few images like this now… it’s definitely a lot of fun!

ARTography Bloomin Orange Gerbera Flower
ARTography Bloomin Orange Gerbera Flower


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  1. Michelle Dobell

    Sam …I absolutely love this. Id love to see more works of yours like this too..and yes I agree photoshop can be lots of fun though I have bitten the edge of my desk off on occasion with frustration too. I would love to take your talent with me up North Queensland I hear the colours are spectacular. Anyways a fabulous example of your talents as a photographer and an artist..great work. smiles and hugs Michelle

    • samclarkphotography

      Hi Michelle…ooooh, thanks so much… you are a sweetie! I promise to post some more soon. My biggest issue with Photoshop is that I get carried away, having multiple images being worked on at once, then Photoshop will crash and I haven’t saved anything!!
      Hope alls great with you… squeezey hugs, Sam 😀

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