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This is part three of a three-part series. By dividing it up, I’m hoping that you will take the time to read each section to the end as the plight of the amazing Orangutan depends on us. If we all help, they can be saved from Extinction!

Through research, here are some amazing facts about the Orangutan that I think you should know!

Orangutans are close relatives of humans

Baby orangutans cry when they’re hungry, whimper when they’re hurt and smile at their mothers.

Orangutans are highly intelligent and use tools:

They will poke twigs into holes to catch insects, chew up leaves and use them as sponges and use branches and sticks to test the depth of water before entering it.

Orangutans breed slower than any other primate and have approximately 3 offspring in their lifetime.

Orangutans have 32 permanent teeth (the same amount as humans).

Mosquitoes bother orangutans just like they do humans and they will use branches like fly swatters to swish them away.

When it rains or the sun is hot an orangutan will hold a leafy branch or two over its head to protect itself from getting wet or overheated.

Orangutans can make approximately 13 to 15 different vocalizations.

Legend says that orangutans can speak but choose not to because they fear they would be forced to work if were they ever caught talking.

An orangutan arms can have a reach of more than 8 feet!  How tall are you?  Probably not 8 feet or higher.  So, an orangutan can have a reach of a length longer than you are tall!

An orangutan is expected to live in their true habitat between 35 to 50 years (when not having their lives interrupted by poachers or other humans)

Status: Sumatran – Critically Endangered; Bornean – Endangered 

Please  help us act now to avoid disaster. The Orangutan needs our help, they can be saved!!

Orang-Utan baby
Orang-Utan baby

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