3,500 km’s later, travelling across the Nullarbor with a full load… my gorgeous kids, Connor and Paige, Cougar our cat, Houdini and Mr Sniffles, our two pet rats, Mac computer, camera gear, oh and food and bedding. Without too many ordeals (Cougar slipping his harness only once), we have finally arrived in Doncaster, Victoria to start our new venture.

Our first week here we hit 40 degrees ++ for 4 days straight, a slight shock to the system after living in Albany. Of course having no power through it all meant plenty of cruising the shopping centre’s to hit the air-con, and cruising around in the car.

After sleeping on camp mattresses for about a month, our gear finally arrived. Geez, I love my bed!

And now after waiting 3 weeks to get our phone and internet connected (whats that all about tpg), we are finally back in the 21st century and Sam Clark Photography is now fully operational and open for business! Yay!!

There will be many new and exciting things for 2012, so stay tuned!

To kick it all off, be sure to check out my Etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/samclarkphotography?view_type=gallery  for great deals in February!  Look under the notice ‘Dear valued customers’.

My first image of the year is from my favorite place in the world, the Serengeti in Tanzania, East Africa.


Giraffe ARTography - Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, East Africa
Giraffe ARTography - Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, East Africa

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  1. David Sobik

    Hi Sam I glad to hear your all safe and well. Denmark markets are not the same any more! Sales out there are average to poor with all the 5 photographers out there. One more at Easter.

    Weddings have stared again, not many but will keep me off the streets for a while!

    Well best of luck Sam with your new start to life. Say hi to Paige and Conner for me.


  2. samclarkphotography

    Hi David, great to hear from you! Yes, I had heard that Denmark markets have been quiet… everyone is still recovering from spending so much at my stall on my last day LOL
    Yes, I agree, 5 photographers is probably a bit of an overkill. Different story here, they are quite strict on variety and quality.
    Great that you have some weddings… it will take more than that to keep you out of trouble though 😀
    Will say ‘hi’ to the kids.

    Chat soon, Sam

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