A life experience!

Sometimes in life you just need to grab an opportunity and run with it. Opportunities that enrich, enliven and evoke! I had just such an experience today. I went for a forest walk with a ranger, as it turns out, I’m the only one, which opened up an amazing opportunity for me. As we ventured deep into the jungle, we came across Elephant spore, which we decided to track. My ranger said it wasn’t something he would do with many due to the risks, and it took a certain type of person… I was that person! One that kept cool under extremes! The spore led us into the jungle for about 2 kms, before we came across the Elephants, about 5 of them although we only saw two, in thick jungle vegetation. We had tracked them to about 30 feet. It took extreme care, patience, needing to retreat on one occasion, rifle cocked at the ready to scare the Elephants if needed. We kept down wind, whispered, signing and crouching when needed. The elephant’s weren’t aware of our presence. This definitely wasn’t one for photographic opportunities, but for that life experience that builds character. All senses were on the alert at all times, everything we did, everything the Elephants did had to be observed, there was no room for error. Eventually we retreated, then the ranger made a call to let the Elephants know we were there. Once they had retreated, only then was it safe for us to pass. Wow, this is not something easily put into words, but one of life’s experiences, that you need to cease at every opportunity! Yes, it may involve risk taking, but hey, live life to the maximum I say!


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