Hi everyone! Well, I have been home from Africa a week now, and have certainly hit the ground running with some very exciting projects in the pipeline.

As I move away from the smaller markets, focusing on the larger events, my photographic safaris, Lions Bridge and spiritual development. And of course honing my photographic skill. 🙂  This will certainly be a great year ahead!

Africa, as always was amazing! I spent some quiet time on the Western Cape and also some time at the incredible Emoya Big Cats Sanctuary, photographing and working with the rescued lions. Always such a privilege and such a rewarding and humbling experience. I have such admiration for all involved in these rescues from around the world and the incredible amount of hard work that goes into the lions care. The rewards are incredible when you witness for yourself the transformation of these souls that slowly learn to trust again and start to understand the meaning of peace, companionship and love.

On that note, I will leave you with this image of Tau, one from the Bahati Pride and among the first lions to make their home at Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary.

If you would like to help care for these lions, please contact me (for Australians) at for your volunteer program, or you can donate at;

Love and light,
Sam xo

LResSA 2017-01 South Africa

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