Reiki Channeling/Clairvoyant Reading

I was introduced to the most incredible and wonderful medium of Reiki Channeling in 2016, completing both my Reiki One and Two in 2017. Reiki is a beautiful, safe, nurturing and healing tool in which to facilitate healing through the transfer of universal energy, through my body and out through my hands to the recipient. Using Reiki on myself as well as others has taught me so much about myself as well as giving the gift to others of sending healing energy in a gentle and nurturing way to where it is most needed, ever only for the recipients highest good. It is a completely safe environment for all, including animals, which is where my specialty lays.

With a deep affinity with animals since a young child, and developing my psychic gift of animal facilitator, Reiki compliments my ability by incorporating this powerful, yet gentle energy with my communications to heighten my vibrational frequency and therefore my clairvoyancy when communicating. This truly is the most incredible journey, knowing that I can give back where needed to the creatures that inspire me to be a better me, with there knowledge and wisdom and the role they play with the complete connectedness with all living creatures and Mother Earth herself.

The Clair Senses
The Clair senses are types of psychic sensitivities of which there are a few that I have been fortunate to have been gifted.
While not part of the Reiki healing process, I will often pick up information while giving a Reiki through all or some of these senses. They are Clairvoyant (vision), Clairaudience (hearing), Clairsentience (feeling), Clairscent (smelling), Clairempathy (emotion) and Channeling. Beyond the normal physical limitations of time and space and our physical body, these telepathic ‘messages’ are more easily perceived in states of higher vibrational frequency which comes in alpha states like that of meditation and of course Reiki. I also tune in to these psychic senses in my animal communications with both domestic and wild animals. On occasion I will pick up information during general conversations with people.
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Love and light, Sami xo

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