KIDOGO; it’s the little things..

Meet Kidogo, the little purse that has everything!

Did you know that Kidogo was designed way back in 2016 as I recovered from Cerebral Malaria. It was just one of the projects that I set myself to improve my brain function.

This special ‘little’ purse (Kidogo in Swahili) is as fair trade and environmentally friendly as they come. With my very own wildlife images, taken over five countries in Africa, they also have many other special features.

The beautiful coloured fabrics on the inside are made from hand made batik, which I source from local villages and shops in Kenya, Uganda and South Africa. This directly supports local families with their daily living expenses. The fabrics come in an array of colours.

The backs are made from remnants from local Australian factories. This means less off cuts going into landfill. A small deed with great impact on our planet.

As I have always loved the play on words with most of my products, your Kidogo will also have an inspired charm, or choose your beautiful red map of Africa; the choice is yours.

But wait, theres more 😉

Kidogo is also designed to fit ALL iphones, or lippy, keys and a stack of money… or little treasures for little kids. (and big kids 😉 )

So there you have it; Kidogo, it’s the little things…

This is a WILDliving product, brought to you by Sam Clark Photography

You can purchase yours today for just 22.00 AUD plus shipping.

  1. Sandra

    Nice, useful purse in beautiful fabrics & a range of animal prints. Good job Sam 😃

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