Lethal Photo Gear ;)

That controversial object in my camera bag, oh dear! On my recent trip to the countries of Uganda, Kenya, UK and Italy, I found that I had an object in my camera bag that seemed to create a lot of interest with security at both airports and tourist attractions. Now, its nothing knew that I get pulled over on a regular basic for screening, but this was quite different. I had to remove the object from my camera bag after being pulled aside during security camera screening on two separate occasions. I then had to give a demonstration as to what the object is used for to convince them that it wasn’t in fact a lethal weapon. Any ideas as to what this object could be? Ha, ha, it was my blower, used for removing dirt from my lenses. Can you imagine the looks on their faces, when air blew out from the nozzle. However tempted, no, I didn’t blow it in their faces! 🙂




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