Baboon, Samburu

We drove slowly on that day, along the riverbanks, looking for any form of wildlife. We saw a few animals and birds from Dik Dik to Guinea Fowl, going about their day. We also captured a herd of Elephants as they made there way across the mighty river, to better feeding grounds on the opposite side. Later in the morning, and further downstream, we came across this troop of Baboons. A large troop, relaxing on the riverbank, grooming, feeding, sleeping, all while the young ones played. Turning the engine off, we decided to sit with them, enjoying the baby’s antics, and the older ones calmer demeanor. The longer we stayed, the more relaxed they became in our presence, eventually it was like we weren’t even there at all. These are the magical moments of being in the presence of wildlife, being accepted to be a part of their world for a moment in time, with little to no impact on their natural behaviour. Always a privilege and certainly one not to be taken for granted.

Samburu National Reserve, Kenya

A day in the life of a wildlife photographer ~ Sam Clark
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