Happy New Year

As I sit here contemplating my new adventures, expeditions, photo assignments and countries for 2020, I reflect on what a great year 2019 has been, and where it has taken me. Here is an overview of some of the things that I have experienced and achieved in this time. Thank you all for being there with me, supporting me through your comments, coming on safari to embrace the adventure in person, supporting me through purchasing fine art prints or through the love of your pet with one of my Animal Communication Healing sessions. Also in believing in my Conservation and Humanitarian projects, helping me help others. All support means that I can continue to tread down the path that I love and believe in so much, whether for the change I believe is needed for Earths ascension, teaching through photography and my own experiences, and helping those I meet along the way. Thank you.



My longest trip to Africa – 5 months

Countries visited 6 – Borneo, Uganda x2, Rwanda, Kenya, Ethiopia x2 (new), Madagascar (new)

Safaris lead – 3 – Borneo x2, Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya x1

Photo Assignments – Ethiopia x2, Madagascar x1

Personal projects – writing my book on Mountain Gorillas, Photographing Ethiopian Wolves

Amazing sightings – Tim and Greg, two of the last approximately 30 remaining Big Tuskers

Ethiopian Wolves

Mountain Gorilla babies



Incredible personal experiences – being charged by a 240 kg Silver back Mountain Gorilla

Communicating with Gorillas, truly humbling

Being caught out in a storm with my camera in hand on the Bale Mountain plateau in Ethiopia with an Ethiopian wolf, both embracing Mother Nature; and each other in the process.

Being surrounded by hundreds of Gelada Old World Monkeys in the Semien Mountains in Ethiopia, accepted to sit with them for awhile

Being in the presence of greats; Big Tuskers and the last remaining two Northern White Rhinos on Earth

Three Gorilla treks

The privilege of seeing some endangered species for the first time

For-filling two of my long time dreams, Avenue of the BaoBabs, Madagascar and St George in Lalibela, Ethiopia

Walking amongst some of the oldest structures on Earth, Ethiopia

Surviving the Danakil Depression, Ethiopia

Indulging in some new camera gear

My first print run of my WILDtalk tees

Helping change the lives of three families in Kisoro, Uganda, through humanitarian efforts

Helped plant 250 trees in Kenya



Loosing my best friend of 15 years, Cougar

Falling in love (and out of love)

Study, to be a better version of me

Driving my first racing boat

Making some beautiful new friends while learning life lessons from others

Developing spiritually


2020 is looking to be as adventurous, exciting and rewarding with some new photo assignments in the pipeline, new countries to explore, new wildlife to meet, a book to complete.

Step with me into 2020 with purpose, optimism, love, courage, and belief. Embrace your dreams, they are your own, no one else’s. Don’t let anyone steal your thunder! You know it!

To the photographers; here’s to great light; see you out there

To the adventurers; go for it, there’s no time like the present

To the spiritual workers; always heal yourself first; Nature is Queen


Lets all make 2020 a year to remember. Love, not hate. Plant a tree, or 50. Reduce your plastic usage, she’s the only Earth we have. Help those less fortunate. Show gratitude. Be kind. Meditate. Love yourself. Be in Nature.


Love and light,

Sami xo



Cougar, Victoria, Australia
Wisdoms from the wild


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