Miss Molly

Meet beautiful Miss Molly, as she likes to be called.
Molly’s Mum asked me to do a healing and communication session on her last year with marked improvement in her general well-being after the session.

Recently, she was again showing signs of discomfort, anxiousness, clingy to Mum and just not herself, so Mum asked for another healing session for her.

As I do the distant Reiki healing with communication, I always go on the needs of the animal, what they are requiring or asking for. The distant Reiki is actually a combination of both Reiki and intuitive healing. Miss Molly had an extended two hour session as she really needed more healing on her joints that were causing her some grief. We also had a big chat together about her emotional well-being, pain levels, other health ailments, and the best ways for both her and her family moving forward.

Molly’s healing was a few weeks ago now and Mum has been keeping me up to date at my request of how Miss Molly is fairing.
I’m so happy to hear that Molly now no longer shows signs of pain when laying down or getting up, is much more relaxed and happier in herself. She loves all of the special needs attention she gets at home, including some supplements and time on the crystal mat, something she loves, as well as good old fashioned love from her family.

Giving Miss Molly and her loving family more quality time together makes me so very happy, and is why I do what I do. Animals are just incredible beings and are so very deserving of our love, attention and kindness. They don’t want for much more than this, and in turn have unequaled amounts of endless love to give in return.

Please reach out if you think your animal is in need of some healing or if you would like to understand their emotions and needs better; I’m here to help.

We work together to bring you and your beloved pet the clarity, healing, love and support that you all need.

Love and light, Sam xo

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