This is Mary, lying on her owner’s knee. Perhaps, to most, this looks like a normal scene, but for Mary, this has been quite the journey. You see, Mary is a rescue, with quite a traumatic past. Through two healing sessions, and a lot of trust on her part, Mary has gone from being unable to trust basically anyone or anything, to the scene you see here. Learning to trust again and feel safe, have been the biggest hurdles for Mary, and through communications with her, along with Reiki and Intuitive Healing, and a lot of patience and tender loving care from her family, we have been able to work through some of her feelings from past experiences. I am so very proud of Mary, and how far she has come in such a short time. She is so incredibly brave. I am also very grateful to Mary’s family, for entrusting me with yet another of their ‘furry’ children. It has certainly brought a lot of love to my heart to see them heal and grow.

Please reach out if you have an animal in need, or would just like them to experience a beautiful healing, and the love that transforms from a deeper understanding.

Sam Clark has now worked with over 20 species of animals, both domestic and wild, including many rescued animals, with transformation in many being life-changing for both the animals and their owners/carers.

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