Animal Whispers and healing with Aries, the cat.

Meet Aries!
Aries is another rescue, his foster Mum coming to me for help, due to him being terrified of touch and very skittish.
Aries has shown me how previous people disrespected him. How he was treated indignantly and with indifference. His trust; broken.
I tell him that he can have Faith in his new home, that all touch will only ever be with kindness. That there are no demands of him, that he is accepted as he is.
Softly, softly.
Within 24 hours of Aries healing and communication session, he jumped onto his ‘Mums’ knee as seen in the second photo.
Animals have the incredible ability to trust again, if only we provide understanding, love, kindness, safety and patience.

Please be in touch if you would like to discuss how I could perhaps help your pet.

All healing sessions are done remotely, from the safety of our individual homes, anywhere in the world. The connection of Reiki energy is achieved using ancient Japanese symbols; communication is done through clairvoyance. I also incorporate intuitive healing into the session if needed. Generally, the healing’s last for 1.5 hours, with a half hour phone follow-up, however, I always give the individual animal what they need, so some sessions are known to go over this time.

Animals with medical ailments, of age or with deep trauma, can benefit from further sessions, although all animals show me how much they love Reiki.

There is only LOVE
Sami XO


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