Sam Clark Photography also supports Child Uganda, and initiative created by Moses Konde from Nature Adventure African Safaris Pty Ltd, supporting the future of rural children in Uganda through education, and supports impoverished families at Kazuri Beads in Kenya through ongoing income support.


Clothes for the orphan children.



Donating school supplies


Giving the children their pencils


Supplies have arrived! One year I couldn’t make it from Kenya to Uganda due to lack of funds so I organized the school supplies and clothes that I had brought over from Australia to be bused to Uganda. Great to see children in this photo wearing clothes brought over on previous trips.



Making of new school desks. This was hard going for me as I was feeling unwell. Little did I know that I had contracted Cerebral Malaria.


We completed 10 school desks, enough to sit 4-6 children each, enabling them a better learning environment.

I also had a vision to start a school library, for the children to learn through the love of reading. Me, cutting the ‘ribbon’, or in our case, a piece of string. 🙂

Just some of the books being placed by the children in the new library. I always make sure I include books on wildlife and the environment to teach the children on the importance of all life around them.

Our future. xo


If you would like to contribute to any of our projects, please get in touch.

Thank you!

Love and light,

Sam xo