In the moment of crisis, the wise build bridges and the foolish build dams.

~African proverb



 What is Lions Bridge?

Lion – because the lion represents courage, pride and family. It will take courage for what we are about to undertake, but even in adversity we will attempt to make a difference holding our heads with pride. As within a pride of lions, we will have a sense of family, a sense of belonging. We will hold hands and walk the walk together. Bridge – because that’s what we strive to do, build bridges between communities and conservation.
Not long into my life of conservation, I found that in order to help our wildlife, we need to help the people. Everyone has the right to life, to love, to family, and in order to make our world a better place, we will work together, side by side, communities and conservation to make our planet a better place for all. We will educate each other, show each other the way, show tolerance and compassion for all living creatures, we will learn new skills and endeavor to find the answers to issues surrounding human/wildlife conflict. We will try to find solutions for poverty reduction and in that process, guard over and protect our diminishing wildlife species. Communities will work together as will conservation organizations, as a team in order to resolve on the ground issues. Lions Bridge is a solid foundation, the lions and people that walk across it unite, showing nothing but courage, determination, compassion, love, family and spirit towards all that live. I am all but a pebble on the water, but with that pebble comes the ripples, the ripples that spread out over Kenya, East Africa, Africa, even the world. Lions Bridge – United in spirit, in life

Lions Bridge – United in spirit, in life!