As an Animal Communicator and healer, not only do I wish to help animals in need, but to also learn from their wisdom’s and in turn, teach others. I hope this will help to raise the collective consciousness of many beings on our planet, and most importantly show the world that animals are ones that feel, love, perceive, have personalities, compassion as do we humans. They are therefore in need of our love, protection and acknowledgement. Through this knowledge, the empathy and compassion created aims to bring the change that is so desperately needed for all animals and Mother Earth herself.
Help me to raise the collective consciousness of our planet by helping to spread these wisdom’s from the wild.
Wear your WILDtalk Wisdoms from the Wild Tee with pride.

WILDtee – 01
WILDtee – 01

Coming to you soon, a WILDtalk tee showcasing Wisdoms from the Wild, communicated to me directly from the animals.

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