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Animal Reiki Booster


You have already received a Communication with Reiki Healing for your beloved pet, and in seeing the physical/emotional benefits, you would like a follow up booster session. These can be repeated as many times as required for your pet. I find animals that are of age or with medical aliments will benefit a lot from regular Reiki sessions.

This session will go for approximately 40 minutes. The main objective will be in the Reiki Healing energy for your pet, however if I receive information while performing the Reiki, I will be sure to pass it on. Questions for your pet are reserved for the full sessions, with durations of up to 1.5 hours.

Please note:

All of my animal Reiki healings are done as a Distant or Absent Healing. What this means is that through the ancient symbols passed down from the traditional Japanese Usui Reiki, healing can be achieved from myself to anywhere in the world by alleviating the physical limitations of time and space.



A gentle, nurturing Distant Reiki Healing for your pet, followed by a consult via Skype, Whatsapp or Messenger.


Client Disclaimer: Reiki is a nurturing healing process that can enable the body to heal itself through the shifts in energy blockages and can be safely combined with other modalities however is not a substitute for Vet care and qualified medical diagnosis or prescription. By booking this Reiki Healing for your pet, you are agreeing to this statement. All testimonials by past clients are an individual account of their personal experience. I therefore cannot guarantee that your experience with your pet will be the same as theirs. Each animal is as individual as you and I, therefore each session unique. Some animals will ‘communicate’ non stop, while others prefer to relax in the energy. No questions will be asked to your pet in this session, however any information received will be passed on.

Requirements for a Reiki Healing for your pet.

A photo and name of your pet. This is to enable me to connect to the correct animal. (Facial images with clear eye visual are the best)

A contact for pre and post follow up. (Which will be by voiced messages and text)

Agreement to the disclaimer

Suitable time for you pets session and your payment

Sam Clark is a qualified Cert Two Reiki Practitioner and Clairvoyant Channel, who is quickly developing a global reputation for her work, both with domestic and wild animals.

1 review for ANIMAL REIKI BOOSTER ~ 45 mins

  1. Anita Starre

    Sam has done Reiki healing with our cat Kiara. Kiara was very ill, but nothing could be found. Thanks to Sam’s healing we found out what was going on with Kiara.

    Even our vet who suspected the same thing about Kiara could only confirm this. Kiara was struck by a silent killer (tumor) in her body that you could not see on photos or in blood.

    We are also very grateful to Sam for helping us and Kiara.🐱 <3 🐱 <3

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