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Nurturing healing communication for your pet


A gentle, nurturing Distant Reiki Healing with guided communication with your beloved pet, followed by a consult via  Whatsapp, Text or Messenger.

Please note:

All of my animal communication/Reiki healings are done as a Distant or Absent Healing. What this means is that through the ancient symbols passed down from the traditional Japanese Usui Reiki, healing can be achieved from myself to anywhere in the world by alleviating the physical limitations of time and space. Communication is done via clairvoyance.


Prior to the session, we will discuss your intention for your pet, if any, and questions you may wish to ask. If you have neither thats ok, your pet can just enjoy the beautiful gentle nurturing Reiki energy, and if any information comes through, you may choose whether or not you would like to receive.

Client Disclaimer: Reiki is a nurturing healing process that can enable the body to heal itself through the shifts in energy blockages and can be safely combined with other modalities however is not a substitute for Vet care and qualified medical diagnosis or prescription. By booking this Animal communication and Reiki Healing for your pet, you are agreeing to this statement. All testimonials by past clients are an individual account of their personal experience. I therefore cannot guarantee that your experience with your pet will be the same as theirs. Each animal is as individual as you and I, therefore each session unique. Some animals will ‘communicate’ non stop, while others prefer to relax in the energy.

Requirements for a communication/Reiki Healing for your pet.

A photo and name of your pet. This is to enable me to connect to the correct animal. (Facial images with clear eye visual are the best)

Any questions or concerns you may have, including whether your pet is a rescue.

A contact for pre and post follow up. (Which will be by voiced messages and text)

Agreement to the disclaimer

Suitable time for you pets session and your payment

Sami Clark is a qualified Cert Two Reiki Practitioner and Clairvoyant Channel, who is quickly developing a global reputation for her work, both with domestic and wild animals.


5 reviews for ANIMAL COMMUNICATION with REIKI HEALING – 1.5 -2 hours

  1. Deb Lilly

    Recently my beloved dog Sadie became ill and it was an incredibly stressful and worrying time. Sam reached out to me and offered to do a Reiki reading and healing. What an amazing, beautiful and deeply spiritual experience! Sam was able to reach through to Sadie and communicate with her. Through Sam’s deeply compassionate and loving connection with all animals and our Earth she helped heal Sadie and helped me to understand somethings with her. Sam gave an astoundingly accurate description of Sadie’s treatment and home life from thousands of miles away and with no prior knowledge.
    Sam, you have an amazing and beautiful gift to help our animal friends and I would with my whole heart and blessing recommend others to you that may have animals which are going through troubling times. You also prove to us that our animal friends do have a voice, they have a soul and do communicate…..we just need to listen to them.
    with much love, peace and light xxxx

  2. Heidi

    Sam recently did a communication/healing with our new rescue pup Maggie (just for our own piece of mind) and we were thrilled with the result. It was such a peaceful bonding time that we had with Maggie during the Reiki session, she was super relaxed and calm as opposed to her usual over excited erratic behaviour.

    Sam has a good soul and her love for all creatures is undeniable. The connection she had with Maggie during the healing was such a playful one and they both came out of the session really happy to have spent that time together. Sams insight from so far away was astonishingly accurate and she was able to get a lot of information out of Maggie about her new life with us.

    We have been working with Maggie slightly differently since the healing, incorporating the results from the session and its great to see that she is feeling so much more comfortable and is responding to us a lot better.

    Thanks Sam for giving us such a deeper insight and connection with Maggie, we can highly recommend your services to anyone wanting to communicate with their animal.

  3. Helly Beks

    Sam Clark is a modern Doctor Doolittle, plus much more. She did a communication session for my 10 year old standard poodle Stellar, who I’ve always known was a deep, old soul, and not your average canine. I have always felt that I didn’t fully understand Stellar’s purpose or feel fully connected to her. I wanted to know if there was something else that Stellar needed from me that I wasn’t providing for her. Sam’s ability to tune into the spiritual aspect of the animal is simply mind blowing, and is quite unique, she is a gift to humanity as we come to appreciate and learn from the animal kingdom as our human consciousness evolves.

    Incredible, and eye-opening, and reassuring to say the least. Like Sam, I am a person who understands and works to support the evolution of human consciousness, for a better future, I am so grateful to Sam for her special gift, and teaching me that indeed, all living beings are connected, and here to serve the greater good. Indeed, we are One.

  4. Gabby

    When I first met Sam at her market stall with her beautiful animal photography products, I knew she was the right person to help me with my dog. Her own vibe undoubtedly felt akin to animal and the impressions I was seeing in her photography backed this up. I felt really relaxed talking to her as she was non-judgemental, just as in the same case being in the company of a relaxed animal.
    Not long after this meeting, my dog wound up at the lost dogs’ home after an incident and I was distraught. I was not home when council took him. It was all very up in the air what would happen, but council impressed upon me that the outcome was dim… meanwhile, he had to wait for days at the shelter. I took the opportunity to contact Sam via fb and she phoned me back. She was a great listener, taking notes and informed me of her service, allaying any queries I had, as comprehensively as needed.
    Of course I could not be with my dog when she performed her service, but we agreed on the time and that we would chat afterwards on the phone. Whilst her feedback was fairly general, that didn’t surprise me too much as dogs seem to be fairly simple beings that don’t overcomplicate life like we do! Her words calmed me from the get-go and there were some fantastic pearls that I needed to hear, one of which being that he is teaching me to be strong, which also helps him to be strong. She also confirmed my perception that the incident had happened because he had felt threatened. She said his pride was now hurt, which made sense as he was now in a cell! 🙁 She mentioned letting things unfold, and made me feel relaxed about the situation… On a funny note she said the name “Scott” came up, who happens to be our neighbour…I was able to confirm with the person I live with that my dog usually says “hi” to Scott when he walks past the front gate, which I didn’t really know before. She said he responded well to the treatment and enjoyed the session.
    The next 4 weeks or so were difficult but having had Sam’s insight made it so much more bearable. What she had said made sense and (long story short) eventually the council backed down and let my dog come home. I really don’t know what the experience would have been like without Sam’s help! Gabby & Thumper 🙂

  5. Dyantha

    A little while ago I had Sam do a distant reiki healing and communication session with our rescued cat Yolo. I felt like Yolo never really accepted me as a person because I wasn’t there yet when she was rescued from the shelter. Also I felt like I didn’t fully understand her. Sam did a long and intensive session with Yolo and the information that came through was making things more clear and also for me as what to work on to build this relationship with Yolo… Sam really took the time to answer all of my questions afterwards and after a couple of days I could also slowly see changes in Yolo’s behavior, she seemed more relaxed and less scared. It gave me a lot of useful insights and I want to thank you once again for your help and your support to get me to understand her better..

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