One of the last..

A Northern White Rhino having a fabulous time in the rain; like a 2,000kg kid really   One of the last two Northern White Rhinos left in the world, Kenya. International scientists have successfully created embryos with eggs extracted from … Continued

Rhino Run!

I felt it, first on my forehead, then my cheek. Starting with big drops that soon became a downpour. It rained hard. The water hit the dry ground, turning dust into mud and flinging it upwards. I ran, feeling the … Continued

Grevy’s Zebra, Samburu National Reserve, Kenya

The largest of the zebra species, Grevy’s zebra have thicker stripes and bigger ears than other zebras. Their stripes are a very distinctive black and white which appear all over the zebra’s body, even on their mane and ears. They … Continued

A lions life, Maasai Mara, Kenya

Photographed in the Maasai Mara in Kenya, this male lion was certainly facing some challenges with some significant injuries. As always, we reported it to KWS, and were happily informed that they already knew of him, and were keeping a … Continued

Photographers Helping Photographers

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Meet Josephat… Josephat is a competitive and focused 37 year-old businessman. He is married and blessed with three children. Since 1997, he has been doing photography to make life more comfortable for his family. He uses income from this trade … Continued

Safari of the Soul… A Timeless Africa…

Images of Africa. I’m not sure what has happened to me since returning from my African Safari, my dream journey of a lifetime. Something has changed within me; the spirit of Africa has touched my soul. My postproduction of imagery … Continued

East African Safari – what’s in the bag?

From my first East African safari to the countries of Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda, I have compiled a list of the gear that I took, what worked and what didn’t. I will do an update on this from my second trip experience. … Continued